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As some of you know I recently launched an awesome new self-service SEO service called Joblr together with a great team of SEO-geeks like me. Now we got the Joblr TV-studio in place and are starting to produce SEO videos for promotion and training. See the first ones here and let me know what you think.

One of the first videos we have done is a brief presentation of the Joblr service. I think it gives you a pretty good idea about what Joblr is. Take a look and let me know what you think (and yes, I know its not perfect – so shoot away …)

Besides promotional videos such as the one above we are also working on a few different kinds of educational SEO videos. Videos you can lean back and watch and learn from.

The first series of educational SEO videos we have produced we call “Ask Joblr”. Each video take one common SEO question and gives you the short answer to it. Plain and simple. Like a video SEO FAQ.

The first 8 of the Ask Joblr videos are ready and we decided to give them away for free. I can’t promise that all our educational SEO videos will be for free – some of them will probably be dedicated to our members on Joblr, but for now they are free – so enjoy it :)

On this first batch of Ask Joblr videos Anne ask the question and I try to give a good answer. In coming Ask Joblr videos we probably will make other variations – but still focus on one question.

Below you can see a couple of the ones we did. You can find all our videos on our Vimeo or YouTube video channels. Please let me know what you think of them …

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