Bands like Pomplamoose makes me happy

PomplamooseJust a few days ago I “discovered” this great new band Pomplamoose on YouTube. This is one of the most exciting new acts I have seen for years! It’s fresh, it’s original; they have a drive, a passion and a sense of humour not often seen!

Artists like Pomplamoose make me very happy! It fills me with a thrilling feeling as close to love as it can possibly get. On days like this I miss not being full time in the music making business anymore. It makes me want to return.

Very few new bands excite me the way Pomplamoose does. Last time I had this feeling was when I found Blonde Redhead and their song Elephant Woman (great title too!) from the album Misery Is A Butterfly. That band still excites me.

Pomplamoose is a duo from Corte Madera, California with Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. I don’t know much about either of them but apparently Nataly Dawn have some kind of a French speaking background. I don’t speak French but their cover version of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” sounds very accurate.

What is it that makes women singing in French so sexy? I am not sure what it is – but it works.

As far as I have found out they started working together last year. They have done a number of interesting cover versions and some of their own songs. They are all created under their “VideoSong” dogma with just two rules:

1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

In other words video is a very integrated part of the music they do. And it works really well. It illustrates very well the way they work and create their music and it shows the passion, creativity and “punk attitude” that go into it.

So what is it that excites me so much about Pomplamoose?
It’s hard to say. Why do you fall in love? I have to be honest – I just instantly fell for them! Less than a minute into the first song I ever heard with them – their cover version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, I was sold. So lets hear that …


The full package just works for me – but let me try to break it down anyway …

I love the way they literally “attack” the instruments. They don’t play them – they rape them … in a kind and respectful way. Now, wait a minute – how do you rape something kindly? I don’t know but they do! They explore the instruments, research them and make them do things they where not supposed to do. And they make it work.

This may not show so much in “Single Ladies” but it sure does on some of their other productions!

The drum kit is essentially broken down into pieces – each hit with a rare passion, energy and originality. And when drums are not enough they clap, hammer on tables, click and slap things that make the sound they need to complete their lovely madness.

Some instruments they play like kids would do. Others they master like maestros. They mix grand majestic instruments such as the Hammond organ and Wurlitzer piano with small cheap toys.

They somehow remind me of another great artist – the world famous chef Ferran Adrià from the world’s best restaurant El Bulli. He also has the courage to bring in what a dinner needs to be perfect – no matter what it is. No matter how cheap and overlooked it may be. I remember a few years back I was reading about his new 20-something course menu – one of the middle-courses was a small mass produced tube of cheap peanut butter from the local super market! That’s what Ferran Adrià felt was just perfect for the dinner experience at that point. And I am sure it was (reviewers all agreed!).

I also love Nataly Dawn’s voice – more and more every day I listen to her. She is very intense in a comforting laid back way. There is a hint of sweet desperation. And lots of love. I know it’s a cliché but she really does make the songs her own – even the cover versions done by some of the best singers in the world before her.

You can listen to all the songs and videos from Pomplamoose on their YouTube chanel or read more about them on their MySpace profile.

Judging from the many views and positive comments on YouTube I doubt that Pomplamoose will stay unsigned for long. In fact I would be surprised if they haven’t already been contacted by publishers, managers and record companies. I would if I was still in the business.

Below I have included some of my favourite videos with Pomplamoose:

The one song from Pomplamoose that I like the most – at the moment, is one of their own compositions: Hail Mary. Its got all the best of Pomplamoose:

Pomplamoose’ version of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” is also fantastic. Not only does Nataly Dawn’s French singing excites me the hole production also show how much humour they have in their work – without making fun of the song.

The last song I will show you here is Pomplamoos’ versionversion of Earth Wind & Fires “September”. Its not their best production but I just love the Muppet doll on the bass drum. That is so funny!

Please go and check out the rest of Pomplamoose’ songs on YouTube – and buy them if you like them. Pomplamoose deserves all the support and love they can get.

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  1. Wauw – been watching their videos for an hour now! amazing heads up on that band – it happens to seldom, that someone does something original, and with such charm.
    Great link!

  2. Steen Olsen siger:

    I saw your Tweet and I too was thrilled and excited. Normally I am not much into that whole indie thing, but this definitely has something very special that spellbound me instantly :-) Thanks for tweeting :-)

  3. Jill Kocher siger:

    I bought their whole catalog after seeing them on YouTube. Love the cheerful yet contemplative nature of their songs. Perfect weekend morning music.

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