Danish newspaper illegally copy a full book

Google News vs PolitikenOne of Denmark’s major daily newspapers Politiken have printed an entire book in today’s edition without permission from the author or the publisher! They claim that their “freedom of speech” is more important than the publishers copyright. The same newspaper is strongly against Google News and similar news search services.

Apparently, Googles freedom of speech is not as important as the newspapers – at least not according to the newspapers. Once again the newspapers show how arrogant they really are.

The case is all over the news in Denmark today. Outside of Denmark you probably haven’t head of it. The reason I bring it up here is to highlight the general hypocrisy of the newspaper business: They want to be able to do what they claim no one else have the right to do. Copyright only apply to others – not to them.

The book in question is written by a former leader in the Danish special forces. The Danish military do not want the book to get out. There is a legal case going on about that.

The book is already printed and sent out to the newspapers for reviews. The courts will decide if it n be released or not.

The newspaper claims that the content of the book is too important not to get published. That may be true. But does that give the newspaper the right to “steal” the content and publish it?

The newspaper has copied the entire content of the book. Google News and similar news search services only publish a small snippet of the news they index and link to the rest. Nevertheless the newspapers think what Google News is doing is illegal – and have so far managed to keep them out of Denmark, but they think what they do is legal.

In my mind there is just no logic to this. It is pure and simple hypocrisy! This sort of actions weakens the newspapers case against news search survives, in my mind.

How would you feel if a newspaper took your entire (unpublished) book and published it?

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