Free online photo editing – and time for Halloween

demib-halloween-350I am an old Adobe Photoshop fan. I admit that. I love the software and its just getting better and better. But I also admit that it does have a tough learning curve. With I found a free online photo editing that actually seems to work pretty well! just released a new set of scary Halloween themes and effects to add to your photos. So off course I had to try them out. I picked one of my old photos – from when I was in the music business (and yes, you do need hair like that to be a good producer :) )

If you haven’t tried out yet you should.
And no, I am not affiliated with them in any way. It’s a clean link.

One thing I really like about is the way they have made the (now almost classic) “Freemium” business model even more attractive by not requesting any user registration at all to use the basic version of the product! That really rocks!

I just hope for them that the very inspirational way they try to convert you – by letting you see all the cool effects you don’t get for free, will work well enough for them. But I suspect it may will.

All in all does off course not replace Photoshop for pro users – or just graphic enthusiasts like me but it does in fact solve many simple issues with photo editing quite well and with the simple integration into most online photo sharing sites it could come very handy working with your blog or product site.

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Mikkel deMib Svendsen er grundlægger af og fungerer i det daglige som kreativ direktør.

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  1. yoshimi siger:

    I have used piknik for months, just for those times when you want to do something easy with a picture and you want to do it now. Mobile phone pictures uploaded to flickr really benifit from a bit of piknik autofix

  2. Jeppe siger:

    Picnik is a really cool and easy online tool. May I also recommend SumoPaint ( … A bit more advanced ;)

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