Google Farmer Update – or Google Panda Update?

The new ”update” by Google was first named ”The Farmer Update” by Danny Sullivan. A good name to illustrate what the update is supposed to deal with. But then Google came along and renamed it “The Panda Update”. Why? What are they trying to tell us?

Some people claim Google have chosen to call the recent update “Panda” because it is such a cute animal that nobody can really hate. How can you hate something called “Panda”?

However, to me the Panda is also the name of the most ridiculous animal in the world. I mean, they are almost extinct and yet they are too lazy to breed – and when they do they don’t really care to take care of their offspring.

Maybe Google have renamed the update “Panda” to illustrate that it’s really a “hand job” – because, apparently, that’s what Pandas need to breed and it seems to be the core ingredient in the Google Panda “update”.

Or maybe Google named the update Panda because the Pandas apparently don’t care much for their kids?

In any case, I like the name “Farmer Update” because it illustrate what the update is actually designed to deal with (content farms) but I may like the name “Panda Update” even better because it shows that its really just a hand job from an irresponsible mother.

What do you think?

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  1. Mikkel deMib Svendsen siger:

    On Twitter, some people claim the update was named after an engineer. Poor engineers – they should get out more :)

  2. Rosenstand siger:

    I’m not sure what your point is? Did you ever have a bad experience with a Panda?

    Maybe I’m just too slow today – so please enlighten me :-)

  3. Jon Payne siger:

    This is without doubt, the best post available on the update. I don’t want to hear about who’s lost traffic, who’s gone down in the rankings…who’s crying about it, I want to see hand job analogies.

    Maybe it should be rechristened the ‘Wanka Update’ ?

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