No, I do not hate Google – my money making machine

google-babeMany people think I hate Google because I often criticise them. I don’t. In fact I love Google. I love Google for all the good things they’ve done for the web, for their passion and originality and not the least; I love Google for all they money they have made me.

When I bought my new house 3 years ago I seriously considered calling it “The Googleplex”. After all, Google really paid the majority of that house. But my wife refused.

Google has been really good to me. Most of the times.

Sometimes Google reminds me of when I was a small kid and we went to the self-service laundry. There was a machine where you could change money for the laundry. If you put in 5 kroner (growing up in Denmark, that’s the currency we use) it would give you 5 1 kroner coins in return. But then one day it gave me 6 or 7 kroner back every time I put a 5 kroner coin in it. I rushed out trying to find as many 5 kroner coins as I could. It was my first experience with a “money making machine”.

I got the same kind of euphoric feeling when I first got into search many years ago – before Google even existed. Only, with search engines I did not even have to put in any 5 kroner coins to get the money out. How can I not love such a cool money making machine?

With Google entering the market things just got even better – and bigger. More people started using search, they introduced AdSense and with all that my dear money making machine began to push out more and more money.

Off course it takes some skills to use the search engine money making machine – like most other machinery. But it’s really not that hard. My only academic background is elementary school and I am not really much brighter than most people. If I can do it so can you!

I know so many people that have earned CEO kind of income – or more, from their bedroom with a laptop. $10-50k a month is not unusual. All it really takes is for you to study how search engines work. Back when I started that was hard because there was so little information publicly available. So we, the early adapters of this trade, had to do all our own testing to figure it all out.

Today it’s a lot easier. Doing your own testing is still something I would highly recommend but you don’t actually need it to get started. There are many good SEO books available today, dedicated SEO conferences, blogs and forums where you can learn all the basics you need.

After more than 12 years in the search engine marketing business I still like it, I enjoy it, and I now have a good firm running with a team of cool geeks like me. And even now – in the middle of the financial crises, we are doing quite well. OK, some parts of the money machine don’t work as it used to do but then other parts work even better. The point is: We still do better than most other industries.

What I do not like about Google is the way they often try to abuse their dominance and police the web. They are trying to enforce a very single minded and extremely US-centric culture on the world. But more about that in another post

All in all I do really do love Google. And I like most of the people I’ve met over the years working for Google. They are fun people to be around and I love their dedication to what they do.

Having said all that I think I can go back to some serious Google bashing … :)

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  1. Jimi H siger:

    Love and love.. its a workplace. But nice to read your posts Mikkel. I will check out the band you are promoting on facebook.



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