Speaking at RIMC – Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference & Expo

RIMCThis year will be going back to Iceland to speak at RIMC – Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference & Expo. Not only is RIMC a great conference to go to – Iceland is also a great place to visit!

Last time I was in Iceland was for RIMC in 2006. That was also my first time in Iceland – and what a time. Iceland is so beautiful and so different from anything else I have seen and experienced. The geysers, glaciers, the blue lagoon and the waterfalls. Its amazing! If you haven’t been there yet you really should go.

It’s not just the nature that is beautiful in Iceland – the people are too. And I am not just talking about the naturally pretty Icelandic girls. People are really great in general. Nice, warm and friendly and with a great sense of humour.

Kristjan Mar Hauksson from Nordic eMarketing is an old friend and one of the strong forces behind RIMC. He is such a great host and is always great fun to be around. He is a true Icelandic Viking – he is big, drink (very) well, eat rotten shark and sing loud in public (not always beautiful but definitely loud and very enthusiastic).

Since last time I was in Iceland a lot of things have changed. As you probably know Iceland has suffered worse than most nations from the financial crisis. One of the consequences of this is that the Icelandic currency Kroner have devaluated dramatically. As a visitor this means that most prices in Iceland have dropped a lot. So it is cheaper to go there, stay and do stuff than ever – a good time to go.

So maybe you should consider going to RIMC this year? You deserve to go there … The conference is good, the country and people beautiful and the drinks are plenty.

RIMC is one of those smaller conferences where you actually get to talk to most people and mingle more closely with the other speakers.

I hope to see you in Iceland on March 12, 2010

RIMC conference website:

Below you will find a few pictures from my last trip to Iceland …






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  1. SEO Solutions siger:

    So beautiful the waterfalls are! I want to see it personally.

  2. Iceland looks very nice, maybe this is the reason for going to “land of financial problems” :)

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