Oh no! Yet another search geek and technology blog …

I have been asked many times to start blogging in English but not until now have I decided to go ahead and actually do it. But why start now? Isn’t there enough blogs about search engine marketing, technology, creative arts and the like?

Yes, certainly there are! But not of them is written by me – at least not in English (I have been blogging about these topics for years in Danish and written articles for other sites in English) and strangely enough many people apparently want me to do so :)

So let it be … However, this is not going to be your usual search geek and technology blog.

I am not going to report on all the usual search and technology news that you already get on thousands of blogs. I will only blog about such events if I somehow have my own little twist or a strong opinion about it.

I am probably not going to post something here everyday. So you should not be afraid of subscribing to my feed – it won’t overflow your inbox.

I may now and then invite really interesting people to write a guest post. You should look out for that!

Anyway – enough for now. I hope you will enjoy this new blog of mine, subscribe to my feed and recommend to all your friends.

Skrevet af:

Mikkel deMib Svendsen er grundlægger af og fungerer i det daglige som kreativ direktør.

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  1. Delicious mikkel.. will look forward to read some good SEO related posts in English from you :-)

    btw. Attractive design and structure, you have been cobbled together here :-)

  2. Mikkel deMib Svendsen siger:

    Nice review from Lee Odden on the Biglist. Thanks! :)
    - and on the first day of the blog …

  3. Craig Fifield siger:

    big congrats man, really looking forward to what you have in store. weird I just hit your Danish Blog the other day and was wondering why you hadn’t done an English version yet :)

  4. Sergey Rusak siger:

    Ha-ha! Good post, I guess it is just another one but good luck.

  5. He Mikkel, nice, now I don’t have to be using Google Translate as much anymore ;) .

    Also, you’re always welcome on Searchcowboys, you know that ;)

  6. Mikkel deMib Svendsen siger:

    Thanks Bas – and I’ll probably take you up on that soon :)

  7. Congratulations, buddy

    Looking forward reading your blog in english as well

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