SEO Consulting

There are several ways that I can offer to help you with your search engine marketing needs…

consulting-images-seobookI offer search engine marketing consulting; speaking engagements and workshops on a limited level. My main expertise is in SEO strategies, technical SEO, other advanced SEO issues and search engine reputation management. Please contact me for pricing and availability

Joblr is the cheapest way to gain access to some of my tools, knowledge and SEO support. From just $36 per month you can get the best SEO benchmarking tool available for your site. And from $82 per month you also get all the SEO training material you need and free unlimited online support.

SEO Supporten is the Danish version of Joblr. So if you website is in Danish and target market is Denmark then you should sign up to SEO Support.

consulting-images-seobookIn 2009 I released my second SEO book (the first one was in 1998). The book is called “SEO 2.0” and is currently only available in Danish. I hope to get a n English version made soon. You can download a free light version of the book here (in Danish) is my Danish based search engine marketing agency. We service Scandinavian and global clients with both organic search optimization and paid search management.

StrikepointStrikepoint is a free weekly radio show and podcast that I have been hosting on WebmasterRadio.FM together with my co-host David Naylor since 2005. We have done more than 100 shows between 30 and 60 minutes and had more than 1 million downloads. The program is marked EXPLICIT on iTunes – so watch out …