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Back in the early 80’s I got involved in professional production of commercial videos. In those days good equipment cost a fortune and the cost of productions was huge. The cheap consumer equipment was really crappy compared to the pro stuff and there really wasn’t a “prosumer” or semi-pro market yet. Distribution was also complicated and expensive.

Much have changed since then – all for the better. Now we have a semi-pro video market with lots of really good equipment that is not so far behind the real pro stuff in terms of end quality, and at a cost that most companies and even individuals can afford.

In fact, most of the biggest studios and TV-stations also use a lot of this semi-pro equipment for productions – because it’s good enough for a lot of things, it’s cheap and it’s very portable.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the fact that it takes skills to make a good video! All the equipment In the world can’t make great pictures, sound and flow. Only skills can – and that usually requires some degree of training and experience. Nothing new here.

I am picking up video production again. I will write more about my work with video productions and post the public results here …

My videos

I will try anbd keep the list below updated with all the videos I do …