If Windows Vista was a car would you buy it?

Say No To Windows Vista

To be honest I think Microsoft’s Windows Vista is pure and simple fraud! It is probably the worst operating system since Windows ME and an insult to anyone buying it. If Windows Vista was a car, a house, or just about anything but software would you buy it? And if you (by some accident) did wouldn’t you ask for you money back?

I have been trying to stay away from Windows Vista but by accident I forgot to tell my PC-pusher to put XP on the last laptop I ordered. I wasn’t happy when I got it but I thought, well, it can’t really be as bad as everyone is saying – so let me try it out. But it was! It is every bit as bad as any bad review I’ve ever read on Windows Vista. Amazing!

If this wasn’t software but instead some physical product – any kind really, no one would accept this. Nobody would accept a car that worked this bad (I doubt it would even get approved for driving on public roads … actually, I hope not!). Nobody would pay for food as bad as Windows Vista. If it was an animal in this bad shape we would all agree the only humane thing to do would be to put the pure creature to sleep. Kill it.

And that’s exactly what Microsoft should have done. They should never have let out this pure excuse for an operating system – this sick and dysfunctional beast.

Back to my laptop with Windows Vista…
I am actually not using it that much. Maybe that’s why the dying creature have managed to stay alive this long. It has been a true nightmare to use it, though. Everything is so slow and most things don’t even work – even many of Microsoft’s own products! One thing it won’t run is Outlook so I have to use webmail instead on it.

If not even Microsoft can get their own programs work on Windows Vista no wonder most other programs work like crap too.

Today my laptop totally died! During one of the many updates that Windows Vista apparently needs – and very often just execute without asking, it apparently got into some kind of a permanent “circle jerk disorder”. It just keeping trying to run that last update and then restarts – over and over. I can’t even get it to boot in Safe Mode.

I don’t have the time, the skills or the personal interest in trying to fix it. I have absolutely no passion for operating systems. To me it’s just a framework that needs to work – and Windows Vista don’t. It’s that simple.

Besides the fact that Windows Vista has cost me too many hours in slow operation and now killed my laptop Microsoft should issue a full refund for anyone that don’t want the Windows Vista they paid for – either by accident, as me, or by choice.

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  1. Bent Andersen siger:

    We are looking forward to Windows 7. It gets great reviews.

  2. Mikkel deMib Svendsen siger:

    Yes, it looks like Windows 7 may be the OS that Microsoft SHOULD have released instead of Windows Vista that really should never have been put on the market.

  3. I think windows vista not as bad as you are saying, it has many improvement over xp

  4. bluemontoya siger:

    When I first got it, Windows Vista was awesome then things started to happened with my PC. Software weren’t compatible and the it had a very slow startup. I would suggest getting the new windows 7, its an upgraded version of Vista, much more faster and reliable.

  5. Todd Hebert siger:

    I have to say that Windows 7 is a drastic improvement so far. I hated Vista.

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